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“Another very nice grid. Thanks for making my job so much easier.”

“Just a quick note to say ‘yes’ for a nice job. Solid theme, very nice grid. Thanks!”

“Very nice, and I’m happy to accept it. Along with your skills in developing themes, I really appreciate that I almost never have to look up anything in your grid. Makes my job a lot easier. Thanks!”

“Editing your puzzles now. I like your clues and themes. Feel free to submit more at your convenience when the Muse visits you.”


“My husband and I enjoyed this puzzle. It was rated ‘easy’ but it wasn’t ‘simple’ and gave us opportunities to think things through instead of just filling in answers.”

“I just wanted to say that you are by far my favorite constructor! I play an abnormal amount of crosswords … but I have absolutely no regrets when it comes to your puzzles. You provide subtle, witty, and relevant commentary in your puzzles and it always makes me smile a little. Some puzzles feel like they drag on and on, but with yours, they’re always over too quickly.”

“… your puzzle is a masterpiece.”

“Loved it! Please post all the “tough” puzzles you can devise. Enjoy your work greatly.”

“Our puzzle group had our breakfast meeting this morning, and voted for our favorite creator from eight different sites. Then we voted for the top of the eight! Mark McClain won! We love his puzzles. The way he links it together; the funny answers, etc.”

“I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle and want to give it a five star rating.”