My Online Puzzles

In addition to the puzzles I’ve sold for publication (see “Credits” on the main menu), there are many others that are available for free solving. Here’s where to find them:

BEST CROSSWORDS – This site has thousands of puzzles available for free solving. Most of them are “robo-generated”, but there is a section titled “Guest Constructors” where you’ll find “hand-made” puzzles. To find mine CLICK HERE and select Mark McClain on the drop-down constructor menu.

CRUCIBLE has some of the same puzzles found on BEST CROSSWORDS, but also others which have features that don’t fit on BEST CROSSWORD (over-, under- and odd-sized puzzles, quirky grids, etc.)  – CLICK HERE  to access them.  It also offers the option of printing the puzzles, which BEST does not. If you want a printable copy choose a puzzle, but don’t click START – scroll down to the DOWNLOAD link and click on the file name (you need to be a registered user of Crucible to use this function – registration is free). You will also need the free Across Lite software to open these files. If you don’t already have that, it’s available here: Across Lite download.

For mobile users, you’ll find some of my puzzles on Redstone Games’  “Crossword Puzzle Free” app (available for Android and Apple). Download the app, and look for the Mark McClain icon (may have to scroll to find it). Click that to see a list of my puzzles.


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